Wolfdog Rescue Organizations In All States

The Wolfdog is a domestic dog and wolf hybrid. There are three “types” of Wolfdogs, Low Content (LC), Mid Content (MC), and High Content (HC). Low content Wolfdog’s are 1-49% wolf, 50%-74% wolf is mid content, and 75%+ is high content. The higher the wolf content, the more wolf-like they will be. Wolfdog’s are smarter than their “domestic” companions and can be quite challenging and stubborn. They are self-aware and have a “what’s in for me?” attitude. But, many mid-to-low content Wolfdogs are sociable, willing to please, and generally friendly. Low content Wolfdogs are the most outgoing and friendly. They are the easiest to train and will do well with children and other dogs. Mid content Wolfdogs are still outgoing but can be a bit more fearful than low content ones. They are also a bit harder to train and will need extra socialization to help with their shyness. High content Wolfdogs are generally indistinguishable from wolves and the hardest to train and socialize as “house pets”. They are normally not recommended for first time Wolfdog (or domestic dog) owners due to their strong similarities to wolves. But, with the right family, a low to mid content Wolfdog will make a wonderful companion!< p>

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If you can't find the right Wolfdog Rescue that you’re searching for in your state, check below the listings for links to other Rescues in nearby states who may have exactly what you are looking for.

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Wolfdog Rescues in the USA

Rescue OrganizationCityStatePhone
Arizona Hybrid Association AZ (623) 205-5733
Big Oak Wolf Sanctuary Green Cove Springs FL (904) 338-5245
Canis Recovery Puhrump NV (702) 883-0035
Freedom's Song Wolf Rescue Broken Arrow OK
Full Moon Farm Black Mountain NC (828) 664-9818
Howling Woods Farm Jackson NJ (732) 503-7329
Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue Incline Village NV (775) 833-2066
Lockwood Animal Rescue Center Frazier Park CA (661) 245-3111
My Pack of Wolves Sanctuary My Pack of Wolves OH (440) 684-0785
Never Cry Wolf Rescue & Adoption Roseville CA (916) 595-9653
Pearson's Howling Timbers Animal Sanctuary Muskegon MI (231) 736-0018
Refuge Ridge Williamsburg KY (606) 521-9292
Runs with Wolves Sanctuary Limington ME (207) 637-3007
Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary Montgomery TX (936) 597-9653
Texas Wolfdog Project and Shelter Inc. Houston TX (855) 897-9653
The Grey Wolf Central Wisconsin Wolfdog Rescue Necedah WI
Wanagi Wolf Fund and Rescue Tijeras NM (505) 286-2088
WHAR Wolf Rescue Paso Robles CA (805) 610-6109
Wolf Angel Rescue Bend OR
Wolf PAWS Inc. Dandridge TN (340) 244-4446
Wolfdog Rescue UK (44-7818) 567-872
Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary Cochrane, AB CN (877) 565 9372
Songdog Rescue, Inc Ashland OR

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