Shih Tzu Rescue Organizations In All States

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Though their name means “little lion”, there is nothing fierce about the Shih Tzu! Bred as a companion dog in China, the Shih Tzu is a loyal, affectionate, and happy breed. They are known for their lively and friendly personality. The Shih Tzu loves nothing more than to hang out with their families and follow them wherever they go. They get along great with other dogs and adore children – though their small size may be a problem for young children. They have that unmistakable under-bite – their upper jaw is slightly narrower than their lower jaw. The Shih Tzu is intelligent but can be difficult to housetrain. If you are looking for a tried and true companion dog, the Shih Tzu is the breed for you!

If you can't find the right Shih Tzu Rescue that you’re searching for in your state, check below the listings for links to other Rescues in nearby states who may have exactly what you are looking for.

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Shih Tzu Rescues in the USA

Rescue OrganizationCityStatePhone
Holy Shih Tzu -HST- Champaign County IL
Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue Houston TX
Tzu Zoo Rescue Dallas TX (972) 767-3863
South Florida Shih Tzu Rescue and Adoption FL (941) 752-9840
Shih Tzu Rescue of Minnesota -STRMN- Eden Prairie MN
Shih Tzu Rescue of Central WI Spooner WI (715) 635-4720
Shih Tzu and Japanese Chin Rescue Royal Oak MI
Peke A Tzu Rescue Trufant MI (616) 984-6292
Ohio Fuzzy Pawz Shih Tzu Rescue, Inc. Pataskala OH
Indy Shih Tzu Rescue McCordsville IN (317) 903-9224
Furever Shih Tzu & Companion Dog Rescue Saint Louis MO
Furbaby Rescue Blaine WA
Dallas-Fort Worth Shih Tzu Rescue & Lhasa Apso Rescue Euless TX (888) 290-3335
Crossroads Shih Tzu Rescue Tallahassee IL
Colorado Shih Tzu Maltese and Lhasa Apso Rescue Thornton CO (303) 289-2541
Bluegrass Shih Tzu Rescue, Inc Lexington KY
Wee Rescue Austin TX (512) 533-9360
Small Chance Rescue Austin TX (512) 797-2076

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We sincerely hope that this site will help you find the perfect dog to rescue near you. However, please keep in mind that while we have the utmost trust in every organization listed here, we cannot personally vouch for any individual group we have listed, or for the experience you will have with a dog you adopt from them. We strongly encourage you to research each organizations independently before deciding the adopt from them, as well as thoroughly preparing yourself, your family, and your home for the arrival of your new dog.

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