Shetland Sheepdog Rescue Organizations In All States

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Originating in Scotland and bred to help farmers by herding and keeping birds and sheep out of the garden, the Shetland Sheepdog is as loving as they are intelligent. They are a loyal breed and love their families – children included. The Shetland Sheepdog makes a wonderful watchdog, alerting their families to any strangers on the property. They can be a bit weary of strangers, though, so early socialization is necessary. This breed is very intelligent and is also eager to please, making them prime training candidates. However, Shetland Sheepdogs can be too smart for their own good, so early and consistent training is necessary. They can be content with being home alone - making them perfect for working families - but they will want some attention when you get home! This intelligent and devoted breed will make a great family companion.

If you can't find the right Shetland Sheepdog Rescue that you’re searching for in your state, check below the listings for links to other Rescues in nearby states who may have exactly what you are looking for.

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Shetland Sheepdog Rescues in the USA

Rescue OrganizationCityStatePhone
Heartland Rescue North Vernon IN (812) 216-1228
Rocky Mountain Collie and Sheltie Rescue Pueblo West CO (719) 547-4008
Sheltie Rescue of Utah Sandy UT (801) 942-4762
Triangle Sheltie Rescue Knightdale NC
Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio Columbus OH (937) 414-6030
Arizona Sheltie Rescue, Inc. Gilbert AZ (480) 507-7996
Austin Sheltie Rescue Inc Austin TX (512) 453-8094
Central Illinois Sheltie Rescue Towanda IL (309) 824-0107
Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue Columbus OH (614) 578-0921
Central Valley Collie Rescue Sequim WA (360) 477-6670
Collie and Sheltie Rescue of Southeast Virginia Chesapeake VA (757) 587-5512
Colorado Sheltie Rescue, Inc. Englewood CO (303) 783-5772
Dallas Fort Worth Sheltie Rescue, Inc. Merit TX (972) 994-7848
Dogwood Sheltie Rescue -DSR- Sterling VA (703) 406-8920
Fresh Start Sheltie Rescue Memphis TN (901) 734-5414
Granite State Sheltie Rescue Brookfield NH (603) 522-6370
Greater Spokane Shetland Sheepdog Club - Rescue Otis Orchards WA (509) 928-9016
Harrisburg Shetland Sheepdog Club Rescue Harrisburg PA (717) 898-7583
Houston Sheltie Sanctuary Houston TX (281) 859-0146
Indiana Sheltie Rescue, Inc. Noblesville IN (317) 984-5737
Jacksonville Sheltie Rescue Jacksonville FL (904) 262-5420
Kansas City Sheltie Rescue Mission KS (913) 384-0366
Long Island Shetland Sheepdog Rescue, Inc. -LISSR- Stony Brook NY (631) 873-5776
Maine Sheltie Rescue Portland ME (207) 773-6677
Michigan Sheltie Rescue MI (989) 600-2253

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We sincerely hope that this site will help you find the perfect dog to rescue near you. However, please keep in mind that while we have the utmost trust in every organization listed here, we cannot personally vouch for any individual group we have listed, or for the experience you will have with a dog you adopt from them. We strongly encourage you to research each organizations independently before deciding the adopt from them, as well as thoroughly preparing yourself, your family, and your home for the arrival of your new dog.

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