Shar Pei Rescue Organizations In All States

If you are considering getting a Shar Pei, you'll want to check out the incredible book "The Complete Guide to the Shar Pei". It's written in an easy-to-understand way but still has the expert knowledge to help any new owner successfully raise their Shar Pei from puppy to old-age. It's widely available, so pick up a copy if you see one, or click here to grab one on Amazon.

Bred to guard, herd, and hunt, the Shar-Pei is a devoted and independent-thinking breed. Their name actually means “sand skin” and refers to their distinct bristle-like coat. Their history as a guard dog makes them wonderful watchdogs, but they need to be trained not to overreact when strangers or new dogs come into their home. The Shar-Pei is intelligent but they are strong-willed and need consistent and early training. They are quick learners, though, so training shouldn’t be too difficult. Early socialization will help the Shar-Pei get along with other dogs and children. The Shar-Pei’s distinctive looks – their folds of skin loose wrinkles – along with their devoted and intelligent traits make them great companions.

If you can't find the right Shar Pei Rescue that you’re searching for in your state, check below the listings for links to other Rescues in nearby states who may have exactly what you are looking for.

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Shar Pei Rescues in the USA

Rescue OrganizationCityStatePhone
Pei Pals, Illinois Shar pei Rescue IL
Peis and Strays Nashua NH
Shar Pei Rescue of Tennessee Decherd TN (931) 580-3650
Shar Pei Savers Genoa OH
Shar-Pei Rescue of VA Barnegat Light VA (609) 494-0020
Star of the North Chinese Shar-Pei Club MN (763) 458-5251
California Shar-Pei Rescue Redding CA (530) 344-9252
Canadian Association of Shar-Pei Rescue Ontario CN (416) 877-5299
Centennial Sharpei Club - Rescue Longmont CO (303) 772-7325
Florida Chinese Shar-Pei Rescue Gainesville FL
Georgia Shar-Pei Rescue Atlanta GA (770) 833-7649
Mid Atlantic Chinese Sharpei Rescue Operation, Inc. -Macspro- Bethesda MD (301) 774-0878
North American Shar-Pei Rescue -NASPR- US
Operation Scarlet, Inc. Lancaster PA (717) 397-6362
Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue PA (866) 657-3728

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We sincerely hope that this site will help you find the perfect dog to rescue near you. However, please keep in mind that while we have the utmost trust in every organization listed here, we cannot personally vouch for any individual group we have listed, or for the experience you will have with a dog you adopt from them. We strongly encourage you to research each organizations independently before deciding the adopt from them, as well as thoroughly preparing yourself, your family, and your home for the arrival of your new dog.

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