Choosing the Perfect Rescue Dog

Choosing the perfect rescue dog can be a difficult decision. All dogs are perfect in their own way, but finding the “perfect” dog for your family is the key.

Before you em”bark” on your journey with your new rescue dog, it’s extremely important to well informed about what it takes to raise a rescue pup. Many times a rescue dog will come from a background of trauma: abuse, neglect, malnourishment, or abandonment. Each dog who has suffered through trauma shows the effects in different ways. Some show minor to almost no effect, while others can display extreme behaviors as a result.

The most important decision you will make in this process is the first one: choosing the right dog for you. It’s important to be honest about what you can handle as an owner and how much baggage you are capable of helping your new rescue dog work through. That’s where working closely with a good rescue organization becomes incredibly helpful. Most Rescue organizations will already have started the healing process with each dog and will know exactly how much there is left to go before the dog is ready to be adopted.

Picking a good Rescue Organization and being honest about what kind of dog you are capable of handling are the two foundational building blocks that must be in place before you adopt your dog.

In order to prepare, research each rescue organization thoroughly to find one that you are comfortable with. The Rescue should be open and transparent about the history of each dog and should be willing to have an ongoing relationship with you throughout (at least) the first six months you have your new dog in your home. They should also be clear that they are willing to take the dog back if you ever feel like it isn’t working out. Read through the AKC’s suggestions for finding the right Rescue group.